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Did you know…

Researchers estimate that 75-80% of illness and dis-ease originates within the realm of the spirit. In other words, when we lose touch with who we are, where we are going, or why we are even here, we start to let go of our strength. And like a compromised immune system, we become open to all sorts of afflictions.

These afflictions can be as serious as terminal illness and as simple as general grumpiness. They can immobilize you with fear or send you into a spiral of non-productive or harmful activity. They can turn innocent encounters into melodramas. They can reflect recurring themes in your relationships or in your thought life. They can lead to confusion and doubt, lack of balance, and frustration.

What we can do…

SpiritualDirectionsNC provides a one-on-one opportunity to examine your spiritual life without the pressure to conform to any particular religious tradition or dogma. Starting with where you are now, we articulate the problem together and then explore the options that you feel most comfortable with.

In person, by Skype, or by phone.

Jane Webster

Jane S. Webster, Ph.D., RYT-500

With a heart full of compassion and a life time of spiritual exploration and formal education, I can help.

Services Include: Spiritual Direction, Shamanic Healing (Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Blessing and Line Clearing, Journeying, Past Life Regressions, Power Animal Retrieval), Yoga Instruction, Thai Yoga Massage, Detox, Ayurveda, Chakra Balancing, Body Analysis and Alignment, Tarot Card Reading, Intuitive Healing, Space Clearing and Feng Shui.

For more detailed information about any of these services, please visit the Service Details section of this site.


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"I know firsthand Jane's gift for encouraging and facilitating spiritual exploration, growth, and healing.
I trust her to offer intelligent, compassionate, and non-judgmental insight that helps me to see my life in new and positive ways."

- Elaine Marshall, PhD


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